Click here to visit Mr. Fineman's Physics Class!

Click here to visit Mr. Fineman's Physics Class!

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Mr. Fineman is one of the Physics teachers at the Alexander Hamilton Preparatory Academy in Elizabeth, NJ. A life-long resident of New Jersey, Mr. Fineman attended Rutgers University, where he majored in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering with a concentration in Alternative Energy Systems.


Upon graduating at Rutgers, Mr. Fineman worked at a global engineering firm located in Jersey City, NJ for two years. During his time in the engineering world, Mr. Fineman helped design, inspect, and draft plans for aboveground and underground fuel tanks, and fuel dispensing systems. While this job was satisfying, Mr. Fineman felt the need to inspire others to enter, and love, the world of science and engineering.


In January of 2012, Mr. Fineman began tutoring area Math and Physics students, and found great satisfaction in helping others learn these topics. After that, Mr. Fineman began studying – and passed - the PRAXIS exams for Physics and Mathematics. In September of that same year, Mr. Fineman started teaching at the Alexander Hamilton Preparatory Academy.  Later that year, Mr. Fineman received his NJ Teaching Certificate.


Mr. Fineman tries to incorporate modern technology into his Physics lessons as much as possible. He currently maintains a meticulously detailed website for his Physics class, as well as a Twitter feed which compliments the website. Mr. Fineman also serves as the after-school Physics tutor at the AHPA. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Mr. Fineman at with any questions/comments you may have regarding the Conceptual Physics class!