Welcome To Our Class!

Welcome to our class! This is an intro video for newcomers or to share amongst family and friends to bring them up to speed!

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Welcome to Education Voyager.com! Education Voyager is an interactive website that I (Robert Bajor) use to supplement many of my instructional classes. I am currently teaching Biological Sciences at Thomas A. Edison Academy in Elizabeth, NJ.

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Please use the navbar above to select which class you're currently enrolled for the latest slides, notes, and supplementary learning materials.

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Feel free to browse the site as you please. You may download whatever you like for free, if you're enjoying the materials I would be happy to cooperate with you on our joint educational adventure. Use the Search bar to look for the materials you would like (Left). 

For everyone Else:

Welcome! Start with the "About Us" section or check out our video to see some of the ways I use this website!