What if it worked?

What would you do with a flying camera?

I've built a flying, fully functional computer with a camera attachment that streams photos/video to my laptop wirelessly. What would you do with a device like that?

What if you got 3 - 4 hours of battery life?

Quad-copters are awesome. But they die. Fast. Really fast.

What if it didn't cost you a fortune?

This prototype was LESS THAN $100 USD to build and program.

What if it was fun?

Spend less time worrying about crashing, damaging property, and steering. Spend more time capturing photos, video, and other data (future plans).

What if anyone could do it?

I've deliberately used open source technology developed by an educational NPO. This means that you can take this prototype apart, remix it, rebuild it, use it, and abuse it.

When/How can I get one?

I'm in the process of putting kits together and refining the software. Sign up for news and project updates at the bottom of the page. I'll let you know as soon as the pi is fully baked!