Slides from 1-13-14 to 1-24-14 (That's a Doozy!)

Oh, Hi There!

You're probably wondering, "dude, where have you been?" 

Well I had a bit of an intervention with my classes after the most recent quiz. Although I view this website as a powerful tool for students, and for myself. I rested a lot of the grade on the assumption that students would use this website as much as I would like them to... or figured they would.

I mean, think about it... you have all of the slides, the book, the homework, extra materials, contact with the professor on a constant basis through twitter, email, or google chat... One would think that you would take advantage of those resources. But alas, childhood has not changed. 

Long story short, I'm relaxing with a lot of the web presence I've created for the classroom. I'm going to keep putting the slides up here. But I'm not going to assume that any of the students are looking at anything that I'm not assigning them. 

One issue I'm having with this website, is the fact that when I post up here, they (the students) have no idea. There is no app that they can download that notifies them that I've updated the blog (my main communication with them.) If there was one change I would make to Squarespace, that would be it. Notifications. I know what you're saying, I could use a SurveyMonkey or something like that to send out an email blast. But, people just delete those. I know I do. Anyways, without further adieu... the slides.

Physiology 1-13-14 to 1-17-14

Physiology 1-13-14 to 1-17-14

Physiology Slides 1-21-14 to 1-24-14

Physiology Slides 1-21-14 to 1-24-14


  • Cardiovascular System

  • Heart Layers

  • Right Side Internal Anatomy

  • Right Side External Anatomy

  • Left Side Internal Anatomy

  • Left Side External Anatomy

  • Heart Dissection Guide

  • Heart Dissection walkthrough

  • Chapter Summaries (Mark The Text)

Biology Slides 1-13-14 to 1-17-13

Biology Slides 1-13-14 to 1-17-13

Biology Slides 1-21-14 to 1-24-14

Biology Slides 1-21-14 to 1-24-14

Animal Adaptations Lecture

Animal Adaptations Lecture


  • Homeostasis

  • pH Lab

  • Animal Adaptations

  • High Temperature Adaptations

  • Surface Area

  • Low Temperature Adaptations

  • Macromolecules

Environmental Science 1-13-14 to 1-17-14

Environmental Science 1-13-14 to 1-17-14

Environmental Science

  • Risk Assessment

  • Environmental Risk

  • Animal Cruelty debate

So there they are! The notes! my opus to education for the last two weeks. You might be asking yourself... where are the Environmental Science Slides for next week. Honestly, I haven't finished them yet. I have a little system of putting these things together... I draw the line at 3 hours. I spend about an hour on each set of slide and whether I'm finished or not, I stop. I do this for a lot of reasons but above all it's so I can keep my sanity. I draw the line every week at about 60 hours of work. This includes putting these slides together, updating the website, prepping for labs, and online professional development. This is good and bad. GOOD because I feel like I'm a lot more aware of recent educational happenings, BAD because I leave some weeks unfinished. This unfinished-ness is relative mind you, because I believe my slides and lectures are pretty darn good. But that's subjective. Anyways, follow my twitter if you're interested in what I'm up to. I'll be updating the HOPE club part of the web site soon because we've been working on some projects. 

Until next time! (next Sunday or so)