Notes from the week of 9/23/13

Hey Ya'll,

here are the notes from Environmental Science, Biology, and Physiology. I'm assuming that if you're industrious enough to check the blog post, then you're clever enough to tell the difference between the notes from each class

So, here goes... 


Environmental Science Notes 

 This week we discussed: 

  1. Renewable and Non Renewable Resources
  2. Introduction to Graphing
  3. Introduction to Tables
  4. Ecological Footprint
    (On slides) 
  5. What is Science? What is not Science? 
  6. Scientific Method: 5 Steps
  7. What is a Hypothesis? 
  8. Green Cleaner Lab


Biology Notes: 

This Week we covered:

  1. What role does Science play in your life?
  2. Unifying principles of biology
  3. What makes humans Unique? 
  4. the Scientific Method, the steps of every experiment. 

Physiology Notes: 

This week we covered: 

  1. Planes of the body
  2. Body Cavities
  3. Abdominal Sections (x9) (x4)
  4. Appendicular and Axial Skeletal sections