Physiology Wordle

Hello Class! 

We had some issues in school today trying to get a word list together, but we will power through! This class is tough, and I'm not just saying that... The benchmarks will separate those of you who use the resources I make available (including my precious time) and those who do not. I warn, if you are in this class for an easy A... it's not going to happen. 

That being said, I made the word cloud myself, and I tried to use some of the vocabulary that we identified in class: 


Wordle: Physiology Introductory Wordle

Simply, click on the image above, and it will take you to the Wordle. If you're having issues loading Wordle for whatever reason, then here is the regular old image on the right and the link:




Ok, so here's your assignment. there are about 30-40 words here, I want you to use at LEAST 5 of them in sentences:

(e.x. The HEART is part of an ORGAN SYSTEM. The heart helps to pump BLOOD through the CIRCULATORY SYSTEM. Blood pumps through the heart and passes through VALVES.)

Do not use the sentences I just used... and do not re word them. You must use different words. Do not copy and paste someone else comment. I will delete the copies, and you will receive a ZERO. 

I'm sorry this is a grim post : ( hopefully we'll be able to do some fun stuff on Monday morning! See you then!