What is it all about?

Hi everyone! 

So the first thing I would like to do is introduce myself. My name is Robert Bajor and I and I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the prestigious Rutgers University. I am the metaphorical captain of this adventure in education as I've taken it upon myself to infuse it at every level with technology. This approach has many benefits including analytical data, increased student engagement, and an overall reflection of real life. Isn't that the point of education? I like to think it is.

"Isn't that the point of education? I like to think it is."

In case you were wondering... Here is a short summary of me taken straight from my Linked In account.

In the 1997 film "Contact", Dr. Arroway is propelled through the universe at light speed in an alien craft. In the film she is among the greatest scientists in the world yet, upon witnessing the passing of the universe at near light speed she exclaims, "They should have sent a poet." 
This is partly why I have always tried to see my life in much the same way the late Carl Sagan saw his. His work has always inspired me to see things from both sides of my brain. To look upon the world with the logic and scrutiny that comes with the scientific method, as well as the palette of the imagination. This has led me to be successful in a wide range of career opportunities.
I was the only biological sciences major in the country to be accepted to participate in the Altria summer sales internship while I attended Rutgers University. later that year I also participated in a year-long honors research opportunity with the Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences. 
After graduating from Rutgers, I pursued a career in biotechnology. After a year I grew bored of the repetition that came with biological manufacturing. So, I decided to volunteer for several children's organizations. One of the organizations I volunteered for was a summer science program designed for inner city high school students to get real experience in a laboratory. This experience led me to the realization that I belonged in education, specifically STEM education. 
I immediately applied to take the PRAXIS exams and began to complete the necessary steps to get my provisional and eventually my NJ State Teaching Certificate. Recently, I have realized that my passion for technology is out of the ordinary, and combined with my passion for education I have begun to see opportunities to contribute to the way in which public schools are taught.
I am more than happy to share my insights into technology, science, and public education with anyone who asks, so don't hesitate to send me a message! 
Thank you for reading!

So, right now I'm conducting entrance exams and interviews for our AVID program here at Thomas A. Edison Academy in luxurious Elizabeth, NJ. I must bid you farewell, for now!