Academy of Health Sciences CTE Introduction (Video)

Hello Class!  

I hope this isn't the first video you've checked on the website so far, but if it is... Welcome! Give this video a quick look, and read the Introduction I've included in this blog post. It will give you, your parents, and anyone interested a good idea of what the class is going to be about this year

Welcome to the Academy of Health Sciences CTE!

“Health Careers Exploration is a survey course designed to introduce students to a broad spectrum of health careers. The course covers careers from the five pathways: diagnostic services, therapeutic services, health informatics, support services, and biotechnology research and development. For each career they study, students examine the main tasks and challenges of professionals in that career, the treatments they administer, and the interaction those professionals have with other professionals. Students learn about the educational requirements and the employment and salary outlook for each career, and they evaluate how their own skills, abilities, and interests align with different careers. Where possible, students do authentic hands-on work that a professional would do, such as reviewing scans and MRIs, taking vital signs, treating a wound, and completing dental charts.
As a culminating project, students apply what they learn about health careers to create an in-depth pamphlet that informs patients who have a particular disease about the health care professionals who are likely to contribute to their care. The pamphlets are public health tools that can be made available to patients when they are diagnosed with the disease. Students stage a public health fair at the end of the project, where they present their pamphlets to an invited audience of health care professionals and school administrators as well as other students, friends, and family members. The driving question for the project is, “How can we as a team of consultants best inform patients with a particular disease about the professionals who will contribute to their care?”
(Source: AOHS Health Careers Exploration curriculum, Elizabeth, NJ)