My book is now 44 pages long... hooray!

Good Afternoon!

So, I haven't made it available yet on the website because I'm trying to get as much in as possible. But, the book is now 44 pages! This is very exciting for me because it's my second book and it blows the first one out of the water. I agreed to edit and format my first book for the Elizabeth Alternate Route program supervisor, but now I'm almost ashamed at how ad-hoc it looks.

Teach like a Nerd will be a comprehensive and practical book on implementing popular methodologies alongside various hardward/software platforms.

My new book covers the following topics so far: 

  1. Cornell Notes
  2. The Curve of Forgetting
  3. How to write Cornell Notes
  4. The Cornell Way
  5. Costa's levels of questioning
  6. Helping students write different levels of questions
  7. The interactive notebook
  8. Supplies with prices
  9. 16 activities you can do from day 1
  10. Putting meaningful images on your handouts
  11. Scoring Rubrics, 5 point versus letter grade
  12. Quickwrites with example follow up activities

There is also a chapter on technology where I follow up ever aspect of implementing these topics alongside meaningful uses of technology. I recently had a conversation with a computer scientist friend of mine and I asked him what his opinion on the role of technology was in the classroom. It was a great conversation because it ended with both of us agreeing that technology is a tool and shouldn't be used as a novelty. It's not about HOW to use the technology so much as it's WHY we're using the technology. This was an excellent point that I will try to remember as I move forward in my career. 

Eventually I'm going to break my book up into chapters, but at this point it's divided into an "Activity" like the Cornell note taking system, and a "methodology" which equates to why the activity is effective, and how to implement it on day one. Plus, there are anecdotal opinions of mine. After all, it is my book!

Anyways, thank you so much for following my blog and I hope that my site will help you become an even better teacher than you already are. And if you're saying to yourself, "I'm not a teacher, I'm just seeing what your site is all about." My reply to that would simply be that we are all teachers in one way or another, even if it isn't in our job description. 

We are all teachers in one way or another, even if it isn’t in our job description