Holy Calendar, Batman!

Good morning!

A screenshot of the calendar that I've added. There is one on each course page. 

I would like to take a moment to point out that I have included a calendar into each of the course pages. At this moment they can simply be used for students to refer to a previous or the current days updates.  

Example: Billy was absent on October the 24th and he's interested in finding out what we talked about while he was absent. Well, he can either search the website for the 24th, or he can scan through the blog posts for his course, or now he can go to October the 24th on the calendar and simply click the date. He'll get all of the content created on that day.  

Not bad. 

I'm sure there are many ways to use the calendar in class, but at this time I can only think of it's utility purposes. Thanks for keep on keepin' on with the website and I. We go live on September 9th, so I'm going to keep adding as much as possible in preparation for the new school year.  


This is going to be a wild ride!