Every course page has its own syllabus

Oh hi there...

Click on this image to download a copy of the FULL SYLLABUS (for all of my classes!)

Click on this image to download a copy of the FULL SYLLABUS (for all of my classes!)

So over the past two days I've really dialed it up with the website and ignored my book. I created a very well formatted (if I do say so myself) syllabus for all of my classes this year.  

Each page has it's own syllabus. So if you go to Biology and click on the button on the left side, it will take you to a very nice Biology syllabus for the whole year. Likewise if you do that for physiology and environmental science, it will do the same for their respective syllabi. 

This image on the left however is a PDF of  the whole original document, which is not particularly viewable well online. It's more of a standalone document. 

I'm going to keep this short because these are pretty obvious documents that anyone who is interested in keeping their students in the loop would probably have. But, A couple notes that I believe might benefit someone who wants to create a document like this. 

  1.  Consistency!
    It's hard to reference these documents without them being in front of you if they are all different. I took a lot of this information from curriculum guides and each one of them was different... 

  2. Create living documents 
    Update them over the course of the year. If you've got a good website going, it shouldn't be hard to add and modify the document with links to your content. Example: have the students create a welcome video, a Prezi, or a tips and tricks video to the syllabus for future classes to click on. literally turn the syllabus text into clickable links. Make the syllabus interactive!

  3. Use Google Drive
    All of the files that you're clicking on are being hosted by Google Drive. This makes them accessible anywhere, just in case the internet is not available, they are all downloadable for future use. The students can download them onto their computers and access them when they need them. The only reason the text is up on the website is so I can modify it and make it more interactive in the future. Otherwise why would you even add the text? Having a downloadable PDF (not Word document) is convenient and practical. Use Google Docs... so you don't kill your webspace, and it's more easily accessible.