Just when you thought it couldn't get better!


 Today I used my very refined iMovie skills to create a snappy intro video for the website! I think it's going to do a better job of getting people interested and excited about the website! 


Here is the video! 

  • Creating videos is a wonderful way for students to create and explore the content presented to them in class. When implemented properly, videos like this can incoporate most intelligences and is therefore a very effective tool for increasing student engagement and addressing each component of WICOR (AVID). 
  • I will not only use video to grab students attention, but also to extend their ability to express themselves. iMovie is probably the simplest way to do this, but if iMovie is not available. You may create a prezi, or powerpoint with appropriate music accompaniment. This can be equally effective. 

Thank you for taking the time to explore our site and we're going to continue updating daily all year!