Benchmark time! These are your study resources (all classes)


It's that magic time of the year, it's time for BENCHMARK EXAMS! 


The format of the Benchmarks are pretty straightforward. For every class they're going to be 30 multiple choice questions followed by a couple open ended. You're going to have ONE class period to finish these bad boys, so you're going to have to prepare! (i.e. STUDY) 

Common Resources: 

So, right out of the gate, you can use the following resources no matter what class of mine you're in. 

  1. The Book: You all have one. You might want to think about using it. Even if it's just this ONCE!
  2. The website:  I shouldn't even have to say this at this point, but I've been updating this website at least 3-4 times a week with resources that you should be using. Study websites like WORDLE or QUIZLET are awesome. 
  3. Slides: Every week I update the website with the slides I'm going to go through. If you're in Environmental Science you have the benefit of book slides too... give them a look! 
  4. Me: You can ask me questions through Twitter, in person, through the website, email, you can send me smoke signals, or surreptitious morse code by wrapping upon your desk.    

Specifically though, here are some resources for each of my classes...


So Quizlet is probably your best bet here. On top of all the notes we've gone through in Class... this is as good as it gets. You're going to want to look at Homeostasis, Evolution, and Darwin specifically. Or you can simply go through the Biology Class Blog and find your answers there!

Environmental Science

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Ok, so you guys are probably in the best shape for this Benchmark Exam. I've included the Chapter slides here on top of giving you my version of the slides at the beginning of the week! 

You can also use as a study aid. That site really is awesome, just go on there and search the topic that you're interested in studying, and BOOM! you'll have sets of cards with images and facts out the WAZOO!

You can also use your notes to study, and plain old fashioned asking me, or a well qualified colleague of yours. 


Look up those Organ Systems!

Look up those Organ Systems!

Alright, I'm not gonna lie... this is a tough benchmark. But there is an up side, I accurately predicted 90% of the questions. So, if you've been keeping up in terms of notes (and most of you have) then all you have to do is give them a look over you'll be in good shape for the exam. However, it still doesn't hurt to use a resource like QUIZLET! I'm serious... if I were still in college I would rock those exams. Take 20-30 minutes over the weekend and type "Organ Systems" or "Mitosis". I promise, you won't regret it!

In Closing... 

Good luck kids! If you need any other assistance feel free to email me or tweet me! Remember to check those notes, and if you're really feeling saucy, hit up Quizlet! or Tweet me!