Lets talk about analytics

Hey kids!  

So, as you all probably know already... I'm a numbers guy. Over the course of the year I've been creating online quizzes. I've taken your results from those quizzes and used them to make inferences about your progress. Individually, there are many of you who are doing well. But by and large I am looking at a general decline in performance. I'm going to use this blog post to present these results to you, your family, and the school administrators. 

Online Quizzes

I've been giving you online quizzes to complete on a weekly basis for the last few weeks. Each of them have five questions, and I've allowed you to complete them at your leisure. They've looked something like this (see right): 

Google Docs

Once you've completed the online quizzes, I have programmed the online form to upload the results to a Google Doc. The Doc looks something like this (see right).  The document counts the number of correct answers (in green) and translates that into a number (out of five). It then multiplies this number by 20, to get a total out of 100 possible points. (example: 3 correct answers * 20 =60 points/orange).


Finally, what you end up with is a wealth of testing data that I have used to compare your performance over 3 weeks. By simply comparing the median test scores from Quiz 1 to the median test scores of Quiz 2, I can get an snapshot of whether the scores are improving or declining. Unfortunately, for 2 of my 4 classes they are declining. My environmental Science class has improved slightly, which is good. And my nursing classes haven't started taking the quizzes since they are still in rotation. If you are interested in the results I have included a graphic breakdown of the results. There aren't any names on the results to protect the identities of my students, so don't worry. If you want your personal scores, you're going to have to check Powerschool. 

Environmental Science Results

Biology Results

Physiology Results


I'm publishing these results to hold my students accountable. And, I would like to remind you that there are a wealth of resources on OUR website. Slides, Notes, Powerpoints from the book, Supplements, Google Chat with me, Comment boxes, and a search menu to increase ease of use for students to access all of these resources and more. If you're having trouble with the lessons, please feel free to reach out to me as many of my students already have. I am reachable through the following means

School email: bajorro@elizabeth.k12.nj.us

Personal email: robbajor@gmail.com

Twitter: @Misterbajor

In person  (I'm usually in room 305 (morning) or 303 (afternoon))

Google services (Google+, Gmail, Gchat, etc) 

I trust that over the next few months we're going to see an increase in your test scores, and after the benchmarks I'll be able to include your scores on those test to my analytical database. Until then, I shall see you in class!  


-Mr. Bajor