AOHS Summative Questionnaire


Hi kids!



So you want to be join the Academy of Health Sciences CTE, also known as the "Nursing Program." Hopefully you've figured out that the AOHS CTE is much more than than just nursing! The program also includes:

  • diagnostic services
  • therapeutic services
  • health informatics
  • support services
  • biotechnology research and development

This week we've discussed just a few of the topics that will be covered over the course of your sophomore, junior, and senior year. We've discussed:

  • A brief history of medecine
  • Health Science Vocabulary
  • The meaning of Public health
  • Why hand washing is so important
  • Specific assignments that will be required of you: pamphlet/health fair project
  • How to approach a piece of non fiction text


So, I've also decided to make this final questionnaire public from the get go. I've done this to make you aware of what might be expected of you. Conversely, if you are not interested in the Academy of Health Sciences, I have designed this questionnaire to benefit your venture into other areas of expertise (ex. Auto, cooking, shoprite jr., etc)

These are the questions that I would like you to answer in regards to the nursing program or whatever shop you feel that you are interested in:

  1.  What strengths and knowledge do you have that would help you become successful in your chosen field? 
  2. What challenges would you have to overcome to succeed in a career like this? 
  3. Why would you like to be in the profession of your choosing?  
  4.  (*Bonus* for nursing only) Based on your notes, how can we as a team of consultants best inform patients with a particular disease about the professionals who will contribute to their care?

I understand a lot of my potential nursing students speak spanish, so here are the questions in spanish as well!

Estas son las preguntas que me gustaría que respondas en cuanto al programa de enfermería o cualquier tienda usted siente que usted está interesado en:

  1.   ¿Qué fortalezas y el conocimiento tiene usted de que le ayudaría a tener éxito en su campo elegido?
  2. ¿Qué desafíos tendrías que superar para tener éxito en una carrera como esta?
  3. ¿Por qué te gusta estar en la profesión de su elección?
  4.   (* Prima * de enfermería solamente) Sobre la base de sus notas, ¿cómo podemos nosotros, como un equipo de consultores mejor informar a los pacientes con una enfermedad en particular acerca de los profesionales que van a contribuir a su cuidado?

So, that's it! based on your answers you will be matched to the shop of your choice. Please be as specific as possible, and avoid clichés (e.x. "I want to be the change I want to see in the world") 

Good Luck!