Hello future scholars! 

Do you want to work for companies like Google, Tumblr, Facebook, or Squarespace after you graduate? 

Yes you do. 

I believe that in the future, learning how to create and interpret code will be as important as the reading and writing you do every day in class. I wish I could be a computer science teacher on top of all of the other classes I teach, but alas... I cannot. Well, not this year at least. In the mean time, you can learn how to code apps like Facebook, Twitter, and any number of sites you visit every day on your own! 

Thats right, you can create your own Social Networking site!
(with a little effort and a lot of inspiration)

The Site... 

How am I going to achieve this? Well... you can use this awesome website called 

They start you out with some simple HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and before you know it you'll be applying some CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) and making web pages like a pro. 

Extra Credit

I'll even throw in some extra credit after you show me your first set of Achievements!


 So what are you waiting for? get on over to Codecademy's website and start creating the future! (Just like Michael Bloomberg-Mayor of New York City!)

By the way... Did I mention that it's totally free? 


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