Notes from 10-7 to 10-11


This is the second time I'm posting this, so it's going to be a lot less flashy. Lesson learned, the "Save and Publish" button deleted posts that you've been working on for 45 minutes sometimes.  

That being said. These are the notes from last week. Again, I've already written this post once, so I apologize that this one is going to cut to the chase. I HATE doing things twice. 

Physiology Notes

Physiology Notes

  • Cell structure diagram
  • Summary and Reflection of cell structure
  • Cytoplasm, Nucleus, and Cell Membrane.


Environmental Science Notes 1

Environmental Science Notes

  • Green Cleaner Lab
  • Demand and Supply Curves
  • Environmental Policy Notes
  • Equilibrium

Environmental Science Notes 2

Environmental Science Green Cleaner Lab Notes

Biology Notes

Biology Notes

  • Plan for the Collage Project
  • Notes on primates vs humans
  • Summary of how primate differ from humans definitively, establishing their status as two separate species.  


Hopefully these notes have helped you in the event that you were absent, or you had a long night and you weren't totally tuned in. I apologize for the briefness of my input here, I've already written this whole blog post once and I don't want to go through all the effort of repeating things I've already said in class anyways! If these notes are helping you, let me know! (comment, Twitter, in class, email)