Nursing Resources Lesson 1, 2, and 3

Here is lesson 1 and 2 for the nursing program

The table of Contents

Lesson 1: Course Introduction


Learn how to code like a pro! use to get started! I'll give extra credit to any student who creates their own attractive web page or app!

AOHS Summative Questionnaire

This is the final questionnaire for the nursing program. For those of you clever enough to check this out, you'll know what to expect!

Intro Touchcast

This is the first Touchcast I've recorded yet! Music, Location, Twitter, Website, ETC! 

Academy of Health Sciences Week 1 (Rotating Exploratory)

This is the first set of 2 sets of slides for the Academy of Health Sciences.

Academy of Health Sciences Introductory Wordle

Today we identified vocabulary words that apply to the health sciences

Academy of Health Sciences CTE Introduction (Video)

Hey, welcome to the Academy of Health Sciences CTE! Watch this short introduction video and give the course description a read before you spend a whole year of your life in this class : P

Quick tutorial on using Evernote

Hey, I hope this Evernote tutorial will help you in class, it's a very powerful tool for compiling and keeping track of all your notes from class!

Holy Calendar, Batman!

I added Calendars to each course page. Students can use this to more efficiently search blog posts and course content by date!

Every course page has its own syllabus

Full syllabus lists are now available for view and for download!